Story Motivation

Part 1

No story is bad. A story is just different. It’s not quite what you wanted it to be; not quite where you wanted it to be. So you re-read it, you read it from an author’s point of view, you read it from a reader’s point of view. You re-write it. You change it, you adapt it. You are in control.

Make it change for you; don’t you change for it. Change your attitude, change the paper, change your setting, change your music; make it yours.

Bring the characters to life – they’re not just characters, they’re people! Write character profiles, make them believable to you and they will be believable to others.

Focus on your plot, have a strong plot – combine the schuzet and the fabula – always have a beginning, middle and end. Know where your story is going. Always.

Have dialogue, make it as strong as your characters. Believe in each character, believe in yourself and stick at it.

If you don’t get ideas for a long time, don’t scrap it, save it but move on. Start afresh but keep old stories in case you get new ideas and remember: You are the writer and you own a thousand lives.

Part 2

A story is more than a thousand words, or a thousand different scenes, it is the life you create; the world you create and the ability to produce something where you get lost. It is about pouring out your heart and your mind, showcasing skills either gifted from birth, or taught professionally. It’s about not being afraid to be vulnerable, but also showing great strength and humility.

A story is whatever you make it; however you make it and it’s about challenging yourself, to push yourself beyond your limits, to discover things you never knew you had, or could say. Finding someone to give you daily inspiration can be a challenge, but when you have that person hold steadfast and true and don’t let them go. Let them shape you – whether that be writing from real life circumstances, or a fantasy world, let them motivate you to write and discover and develop your skills; honing in on what you’re best at, and pursuing what you have difficulty with.

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