Dark Wolf


wolf howl

The snow began to fall in thick flurries and the team crouched around the jeep that had brought them here. They didn’t know each other and had been thrown into a mission they knew very little about. The leader was a tall blonde haired man with green eyes and a goatee beard; currently he was sat in a helicopter next to a Chinese man whose name was Yin Han Lo; the Chinese man was pawing over a suitcase-shaped box which contained a screen in the lid, a keyboard in the base and a series of wires and intricate little connectors in the secret compartment below it. He was the technical guy and currently he was testing the frequency of the radios that the team were linked up to. Yin Han Lo had a flawless English accent and as he was still clicking and fiddling away he spoke.

“Ladies, gentlemen?”

One of the men grabbed the in-car radio from the jeep and spoke “John here. Go ahead.”

“John, your personal radios are on frequency 16.2mhz. Tune into them now. Any issues you have contact us via them and we’ll send back up to your position, each of you has a tracker in the radio, so if you get lost, we can find you easily. Got that?”

“Yes, cheers Yin.”

After checking their radios, weapons and introducing each other, the four moved to storm the building, John and Emma took the main entrance and Marty and Clare took the service hatch. Following the map they had each been provided with, they made their way through a series of intricate corridors and in Marty and Clare’s case, a series of tunnels.

They had to disable the Nuclear Weapons in a factory-like room marked Nuclear Weapons so they could not be used against the US.

John and Emma reached some stairs which were parallel to a marked corridor, they had to be silent but these were metal stairs and as they began their descent their boots clanged loudly on the steel. With the racket they made, surely a handful of guards were coming? However, not a soul approached their position. They pushed open the door and discovered this ‘heavily guarded’ corridor was in fact empty. Perhaps the guards were enjoying a nice cup of tea. The pair moved forward and pushed through another four corridors which were empty as according to the map.

They eventually met up with the other group in the canteen and made their way down the final corridor to the weapons room. John, who had formerly been in the SAS, knew what he was doing and had brought a couple of controlled, high-impact, mini explosives with him.

Telling the others to back off, he made his way to a safe distance and blasted the lock off the door. The sound reverberated around the corridor, making it rumble. Bits of dusts and foundation fell from the ceiling in spurts. Alarms began to sound around the complex. Orders were being shouted in a foreign language and as the team stormed the factory a few shots fired their way indicated a hostile situation. All at once, a fire fight broke out.

Diving for cover, John was the first to fire back, he had trained for this and so was expressionless; the others, however, were a little reluctant at killing anyone. “Fire in the hole” he screamed and threw a grenade into the main body of guards.

The bullets kept coming and Marty knew he had to do something. He dropped his gun and told Emma to watch his back. Screwing up his face and fists, he slowly began to rise to his feet. Luckily for him he was behind metal containers. The bullets pinged off these and by the groans; they had clearly zipped off back into the chests of the men.

Marty raised his hands and creating a ball with his palms threw one of the top containers into the middle of the room. He looked at the guards on the overhead gangways, to the pipes above their heads, and back to the guards. He smiled slyly and shut his eyes, envisioned the pipe exploding and heard the boom of it doing so. The fsssh of steam escaping was like music to his ears. The screams of the men getting blinded made him chuckle. They crumpled to the floor and after the last bullets ricocheted off an overhead pipe with a zing, hitting a soldier in the chest, the room fell silent.

NB: This is a piece of micro-fiction I had to do in my fiction class as part of my Creative Writing course. Enjoy!

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