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I am Lady Ruth Breckenridge-Heyworth, daughter of the Axtaria Warrior, Lord Matton Breckenridge and the All-Seeing One, Lady Ophelia Heyworth. I am from the planet Yoter and it is my duty to protect the King’s young son Sevi and act as his elder sister and role model. I have a sister of my own, called Jane and she is much younger, but far wiser than my half-brother Titus; who is twelve years old, and she but ten. Sevi is merely a child at four. I am nineteen years old and as the first-born, I am the heir to the throne.

In Yoter, we do not discriminate against women not being allowed to occupy the throne and the men to become King; whoever is first born, shall proclaim the throne, lest they be lost to battle or illness. I have many a power – my main power being, I can control the rainstorms and seas; I need not speak any words. It is, as some from other realms may put it, ‘clique’, but it is what I was born with.

However, I do have another power, which is strength – unusual strength from one such as me, and a woman at that! I possess this power from my father, and it is the only hereditary power that has been given. My sister Jane has not gained any such strength, however she can transform into any animal she desires and Titus controls the sun and the dry weather. Sevi has no powers as of yet, he shall gain them at ten, like Jane has; it’s just one of those things, that one cannot explain without first looking into the extensive history and spending endless hours researching why powers are thrust upon a child at ten years old.

One gains the title of ‘Lady’ or ‘Lord’ at sixteen, and so I am worthy to obtain such a title. As the eldest child, my siblings have to adhere to what I say when mother and father are not present due to their work conflicts and of keeping the peace with the other realms. We are close to Asgard and therefore I know Thor, son of Odin and we have become close. After all, we share a similar power. He is the God of Thunder, I the Goddess of Rainstorms.

I hope one day to possess the knowledge and wisdom of my mother and the strength and patience of my father. I have the strength, but not the patience as of yet. I was a foolish child, but as I grew older, until the time I am at present, I grew more mature and my eyes were opened to the vast worlds around me.

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