Earth Shattering Events



Seas roared from the deepest, darkest depths. Waves undulated and pushed forth with a force like the sun exploding; moving inland. All manner of sea creatures were being ripped from the sandy sea bed and dragged along with the crushing, freezing waves. The spit of land which marked where the land ended and the sea began was smothered and all became one. The freezing waters forced themselves onto the beaches and over the roads, ravaging everything in their path. The roads split like acorn shells and cars were thrown skyward, before they came crashing down. They were twisted and submerged; some empty, some with people inside.

Trees were uprooted as easily as flowers being picked; they too were thrown both skyward and for great distances. Houses were torn from their foundations, leaving nothing but rubble and dirty sea water, which began swelling and rising, forming pools in the houses higher up the land. These pools began to spread under the door cracks and rose quickly, causing electrical items to spark and household items to be destroyed.

The electricity pylons creaked with the onslaught of water and a power outage occurred all over town, causing those further inland to discover what was happening in the valleys, right under their noses. Power cables snapped and crashed into the ever rising waters, electrifying it, so as to keep those already struggling to leave their houses, trapped. Winds leapt up like gigantic turbines, causing tropical storms, which skipped over the sea and added to the devastation on land. Trees caught alight from the power cables and the winds blew them into the closest houses, setting them alight along with everything around them. The magnitude of the destruction was amplified by the extra cataclysmic events; cyclones, fires and flood waters.

The storm raged on for days, and as each day passed, more and more people became trapped and some even died. Distress flares drew the attention of the Sea and Air Rescue helicopter and the Coast Guards. The boats cut their way through the waters, and rescued hundreds of people, who were in danger of either drowning or freezing to death. Those who were able had already reached the mountainside and began their ascent. Helicopters battled their way through high winds, but thankfully for them, the cyclones had already dispersed as quickly as they had begun.

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