A Poem for My Sweetheart

Heart-Love-Sky-Hands-SilhouetteI hold your hand within my thoughts
Your heart is wrapped in hugs
The stars look down and show to us
That dreams are not make believe

I hear your voice upon the air
A whisper, nothing more
You softly kiss my parted lips
And lightly stroke my face

You hold me close
And say those three words,
That mean so much to me
“I’ll never leave your side” you say
And you’ll catch me when I fall

You love me even though I’m strange
Not with the world at all
We dance like goons, alone as one
And sing like no one’s around

We’re geeks and proud; all will know
Let’s practice our chants together
From Doctor Who and Sherlock too
We will sing the songs of our people

In darkness we shall sit; marathons to watch
From daybreak til sundown
In yesterday’s clothes; we’ll quote,
We’ll cry, we’ll shout and smile
We’re part of the all those fandoms

I’ll finish with one last thing
Some quotes to end us on
I’m not so good at poems see?
So “Geronimo!”; “Gallifrey Stands!” And “Allons-y!”

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